What's happening in Boğaziçi University, an English brief: 

After the post [1] published in NYTimes, you may heard of a resistance occurs in one of the best universities of Turkey, Boğaziçi University. While BOUN traditionally owns the values of democracy, Erdoğan is an authoritarian conservative who tries to turn Turkey into a nationalist, bossist, islamic country (terrible, I know...). It is expected to see his moves against LGBTIQ+ people, women, non-muslim people, kurds or any other minorities

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What's happening in Boğaziçi University, an English brief: 

This time his action was against the democratic structure of Boğaziçi University: an appointment of a new rector by him at 2nd of January instead of a propoer election by academics of the university. There is no need to mention the assigned rector Melih Bulu has strong ties with Erdoğan and AKP (the party of Erdoğan, as well as the party that Melih Bulu was a candidate of a few years ago).
[1] -

This move raised a resistance from Boğaziçi University students and academics who try to protect democratic values of their university all together as expected.

At first they played to good. Melih Bulu made some nonsense speeches against the protests, such as: "They will like me if they know about me.", "I sarted politics with CHP (main opposition party)." and "I am a rector who listens hard rock Metalica."(???). Even funnier, once he shamelessly waved his hand to students that were howling at him as if like he is a peaceful person.

Meanwhile the resistance of students and academics have been persistent and strong. They make fun of his so called young, rock star, student friendly image by protesting him with a Metalica song, Master of Puppets.

All the nice words, flowers and unicorns haven't last long. Police brutality, custodies and detentions started soon. Firstly they targeted the brave LGBTIQ+ community of BOUN. Some islamic communities started to crying by falsely claiming that their fragile holy things are vicitimised by LGBTIQ+ community with an "art piece" they exhibited. This claim was just another invalid, so called victimisation of islamic commnties in Turkey.

--trigger warning-- 

This is followed by Turkey's secretary of the interior's tweet targeting LGBTIQ+ community as perverts. After all these happenings 4 students are taken into custody 2 students are issued an arrest warrant for. Nothing happened to the secretary of the interior's after his hate speech in case you wondered.

It is vital to highlight that, until yesterday none of the member of main opposition party didn't say a word to defend students. All these cowards were so scared their name being on the same side with LGBTIQ+ and against islamic communities.

Yesterday a video of police brutality shared on social media. Translation of the video is while a bunch of students just walking without saying any single word, the police says "Look down!" and starts to attack to students. Accordingly, hastag (we won't look down) became widespread to support students agains police bruttality.

Again yesterday, the police compressed the studends inside of the university and around 159 student are brutally taken into custody. Video recordings are forcibly prevented by the police. Currently it has been one month that protests are running. Melih Bulu, the assigned and unwelcome rector, still insists on sitting his chair shamelessly.

An update from an hour ago, academics and students are protesting for 159 students under custody. They say "Resign Melih Bulu." in the video.

Currently the police uses tear gas and plastic bullet against protestors. They prefer to use violence instead of simply taking the assigned rector back and letting one proper election to choose new rector with democratic methods happen.

The police take everyone they could catch into custody. They just tried to catch an undercover cop accidentally.

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