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Problems we are having with #Signal:
* It is and will remain centralized (clear strategy of *not* federating servers)
* It requires strong identifiers/selectors (phone#) to use
* Author disallows distribution by anyone but Google, although free/libre
* It keeps pushing away verification of fingerprint in interface
* It relies on Google+Amazon infrastructure
* Its funding is shady (OTF = Radio Free Asia = USG)

= clearly unethical choices, unjustifiable by accessibility or technological reasons.

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Yaklaşık üç yıl önce Çin'den "nasılsa bir şey yaparım" diyerek aldığım ama o kadar yılda hiçbir fonksiyon özgüleyemediğim Orange Pi Zero'mu sonunda Pi Hole olarak kullanmaya karar verdim :) Nasıl yaptığımı da Güvenlik Rehberi'nde anlattım:

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I'm working for a big tech company in California. Yesterday all employees received an email from our security guys.

We have to deactivate all personal assistant gadgets (like Alexa) during worktime in the homeoffice.

They have evidence that these gadgets are recording audio from conference calls.

Nothing new to me but notable that I've got this order.

Is there anyone who uses/used any form of trackball devices? As a kid I always wondered those funky looking ball thingy and now as an adult now I can buy one as my primary pointing thingy. I have some questions...

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moxie: a liability? is pushing software run by a single person a liability? will we ever learn that decentralization is actually important?

in this episode of 'shit moxie does' we examine the behaviour of one very white software developer ignore the concerns of very non-white people

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You want to know what a #Bitcoin really looks like? It looks like 9 million tons of coal. It looks like all the long hours of underpaid work mining that coal. It looks like the miner who just died in a mining accident. It looks like children breathing the polluted air from the power plant burning that coal. It looks like the person dying of cancer from breathing that polluted air. It looks like mountains of useless and obsolete Antminers. It looks like ecological collapse. That’s your Bitcoin.

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In light of the recents events with Signal, I'm going to also delete my Signal account later today.

For those who don't know what happened, see this: (Archive:
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Around 8000 clients in Myanmar/Burma are connected the Tor network. This does not count the users connected by bridges to Tor.

In Briar all communication goes through Tor, to protect your identity.
To circumvent censorship, Briar gives you access to bridges in case Tor is blocked by your ISP.

In case of internet shutdown, Briar can use Bluetooth and WiFi to pass on messages to your contacts.

Learn more about Briar here:
#Tor #Burma #Myanmar

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Here we go, starting today I'm reimbursing 5 people for buying Threema or an equivalent amount of a donation to the Signal Foundation.

For this, please send me via DM:
1. a picture of a purchase or donation confirmation without personal info, no earlier than January 15, 2021.
2. the link to a toot in which you assure at least one other person the same *or* the reason why this is not possible for you.

Awarding is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Bugünden başlayarak her gün seçtiğim bir fotoğrafı paylaşacağım.

"Bu ibneler faşistleri öldürüyor."

Fotoğraf Rakka'dan, 2017 tarihli. TQILA (The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army) IRPGF'e (International Revolutionary People's Guerrilla Forces) bağlı olarak Suriye'de IŞİD'in LGBTİ+'lara uyguladığı zulme karşı savaşmak için kuruldu.

Fotoğraf zamanında hepimizi heyecanlandırmış olsa da konuyla ilgili bir takım çekinceler ve eleştiriler bulunmaktaydı. ++

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Is there someone here who happens to be knowledge about the swedish law and have maybe 30 minutes to spare for free? I have a couple of hopefully simple questions regarding sub-let.

I usually never ask for this; please boost. It's highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Which one is your go-to for file #encryption and backup secutity?

#boost is very much appreciated.

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Don't know how to code but still want to contribute to open projects? Consider open street maps!

OSM is the community built map of the world. Anyone can edit the map and all the data is freely available and usable in any of your projects.

Start in your own neighborhood. Maybe your street is missing or named wrong. Update the corner shop hours. Map the parks or sidewalks. Anything helps and many hands make light work!

Day 8 - #100DaysToOffload

#osm #openstreetmap

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I'm considering muting the words Signal and Telegram. It just makes me sad to see all the people go from one centralized non-free place to another centralized non-free place, while they're thinking it's a good thing.

Trying to explain and educate them about ethical options, feels as fruitless as emptying the ocean with a spoon.

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Check out our brand new animated video, "Fight to Repair," which illustrates why it's crucial to allow users to view, change, and fully control the software they use, including in "autonomous" vehicles. Share with #FighttoRepair!

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Göç başlıyor! 🐫 🐫 🐫
WhatsApp'ı silmekle biter mi sandın? Dijital alanlar gözetim aracı uygulamalarla çevrelenmiş durumda. WhatsApp'ten kurtulduk, sıra diğerlerini hayatımızdan çıkarıp özgür servisler kullanmaya başlamakta. 🏃‍♀️ #WhatsAppSiliyoruz

🔗 WhatsApp'i silmekle biter mi sandın?

🐦 🔗 :

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